Fit to Fight®'s self defense curriculum is progressive and dynamic, in the way Krav Maga was meant to be. While others attempt to follow our lead, by cobbling together techniques made relevant by Fit to Fight®, we continue to test everything we do, in order to make sure what we offer is the best training available. If you are looking for a self defense training program which will improve your instructors, make your students safer and bolster your bottom line, Fit to Fight® is the organization for you. Fit to Fight® Krav Maga…be Fit to Fight® and harder to kill.




To become competent at sparring/fighting, ordinary people, like most of our students, need to spend time actually sparring. However, when real contact begins, the attrition rate for school and gyms nation wide is around 80%. With that problem in mind, the actual anatomy of the Sparring/Fight oriented classes has been revolutionized and is now available to you. SPARology™ uses unique and cutting edge methodology that teaches School Owners, Instructors and Coaches how to design and implement a safe, fun and effective sparring/fighting in a structured, step-by-step protocol. SPARology™ systematically addresses each of the problems that tend to plague and ultimately doom a Sparring/Fighting class. By virtue of structuring the classes in a “scaffolded” fashion, that is, in a way that limits the level of contact and progressively adds more resistance as the athlete starts to develop targeted skill sets, athletes have time to develop with confidence and not become frustrated or overwhelmed. The SPARology™ structure depends heavily upon participants spending copious time in specific, though limited sparring situations. As the athlete develops in these situations and becomes more competent, more variables are added to the situations such that the athlete is always progressing, but doing so in a strength-based fashion. This lends itself to a very well rounded skill set, but also to a level a comfort that adds to overall program retention. The actual curriculum of SPARology™ borrows very heavily from the foundations of Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing and steeped very deeply in each of the respective training methodologies. And, as athletes progress through the curriculum, they are exposed to more depth with respect to the mechanics of each of these specific systems, but more importantly begin to map out the parallels between them. This “matrix” allows each athlete to forge a personal pathway or style, and as the old saying goes: “Styles Make Fights!”

From The Ground Up

Fit to Fight®’s From The Ground Up™ is a groundfighting program designed to tackle the omnipresent self-protection dilemma of ending up on the ground during an altercation. From The Ground Up™ systematically prioritizes the tools realistically required to get up from the ground during an affray when your attacker seeks to hold you there. From The Ground Up™ is a three-tiered program that bridges the gap between being told it is imperative “to get back up” and how to actually accomplish that in real time. From The Ground Up™ uses the best of wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, with an emphasis on re-prioritizing the “goals” for groundfighting, as opposed to the goals for protracted grappling. Essentially, From The Ground Up™ is the absent modality for Krav Maga practitioners that do not want a sport based grappling program, while recognizing “the need to get wet, in order to not drown.” Fit to Fight® From The Ground Up™…where theory comes to die.

Hard Ready

Fit to Fight®’s Hard Ready™ is a unique course, that was designed to address THE single most important, and non-variable component to conflict: Emotional preparedness. Hard Ready™ is very much about addressing our own personal habits and modifying them in small, progressive ways to create a compounding effect concerning overall self-sovereignty. Ultimately, the ability to control ones emotions is the single most important variable in any situation. A strong connection is made between physical exertion, more specially interval training and the demands placed on human beings under heavy levels of stress. The classroom activities of the Hard Ready™ Program are designed to harden emotional resolve but also to address the emotional dynamic that pervades actual altercations. Pre-Emptive Striking is the foundation of the actual “fighting” part of the program, though “support system” lessons delve further into the physical anatomy of fighting. A great focus is also put on the most effective fighting systems including Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ. Fit to Fight® Hard Ready™…because most conflict is internal.

PRIDE: Kids Training Program

Pride is Fit to Fight®’s exclusive kids training program. This program provides an enriching, safe and unique martial arts experience designed solely for children. Pride offers kids an exciting and varied curriculum, exposing kids to Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, sports conditioning and more! This program allows kids to be well-rounded martial artists and community members. Pride is based on the coming together of the emotional and physical needs that are actually manifest in the lives of our children today as opposed to watered down promises often mistakenly associated with Traditional Martial Arts, that are so rarely delivered.

Active Killer Defense Training


Fit To Fight® has developed programs primarily designed to aid in implementing campus safety procedures while recognizing the need for realistic training and solutions. These programs consider that many traditional “fixes” may be cost-prohibitive, impractical, politically unpalatable and/or simply ineffective.

Solutions offered by Fit To Fight® include, but are not limited to, active and passive measures not meant only to “harden” targets, but rather to create zones less likely to be seen as targets. This will be accomplished by employing a series of measures making these “zones” less appealing to potential assailants. Fit To Fight®’s Active Shooter Strategic Defense is designed as a dynamic training modality, involving physical defensive tactics training, realistic scenario training, and lectures. The end goal is to create safer and more secure schools, businesses, churches and communities.

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Force Options Group

The Fit to Fight® Force Training Group, for law enforcement and military personnel, ascribes to the notion that irrespective of the context, fundamental combat skills are a must for physical altercations. While some special sensibilities and tactics are dealt with in the overarching structure of our Force Training progressions, much of training is rooted in learning to read, appreciate and respond to actual energies that are manifest in any and all situations that entail interpersonal human aggression. Fit to Fight® Force Training also delves heavily into the stressors that accompany said situations, their emotional and physical byproducts and methods for dealing most effectively with them. The training borrows heavily from our Krav Maga, SPARology™, From The Ground Up™ and Hard Ready™ programs, in order to best prepare personnel for the most violent of encounters, no matter the time, place or context. Fit to Fight® Force Training Group…because nothing is routine. Fit to Fight® Krav Maga…be Fit to Fight® and harder to kill.

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