“My mother had me involved with all sorts of sports at a very young age to help channel my extra energy and to help maintain my competitive nature. I started with Kempo Karate in 2001 and earned my first black belt in 2003. After teaching karate and self defense for several years at FTF® Gastonia, I took an opportunity to fly to Bangkok, Thailand in 2008 (18/19 years old). It was here that I found and fostered my love for Muay Thai. Between the arduous training and constant competition, I knew I had discovered my passion. Among other accomplishments in Boxing, MMA, and Grappling Justine has held or currently holds these Title’s: 2012 Bangla Stadium Champion(Phuket,Thailand) 2011 WMC 58.8 kg World Champion(Phuket,Thailand) Mid-Atlantic Rookie of the Year-US Combat Sports

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